At the Bar

As a girlfriend, daughter, aunt, sister, friend– I fill many roles on an every day basis (we all do, right?!). I do believe most of our conversations as humans, once you get past what happened in your day and the general small talk things, are about how we can be the best at all of our roles– and I don’t necessarily mean the best in a competitive sense– but the best version of ourselves for ourselves and for others.

Anything with the title “At the Bar,” could be related to:

  • relationships
  • recipes
  • friendships
  • family
  • personal experiences
  • the amount of coffee I drink
  • basically whatever I wanna discuss that’s not directly dance related!

Basically this section is about the “normal” or even “not-so-normal” life stuff. The every day life shenanigans that I’d wanna chat about over that glass of wine or cup of coffee. So hike up your pants and get ready– relationship experiences and tips, Aunt stories, the time I Marie-Kondo-ed my entire apartment…. it’ll all be right here.