At the Barre

So if you read that little about me section you found out I am a dancer, teacher, pure barre instructor, studio manager, and all of the many things. Now, there’s really no telling what ends up getting covered in this blog over time, as I tend to run the gamut of ideas and will talk about anything and everything very openly(watch out!), but anytime you see “At the Barre:” you can find things related to but not limited to (& really…. don’t put limits on me!):

  • My former professional ballet career
  • My current dance life as a freelancer
  • Studio Management
  • Dance Instruction tips
  • Lessons I’ve learned as a teacher
  • Funny things my dancers say
  • Tips for Dance Parents
  • Pure Barre related things!
  • Basically anything related to a Ballet Barre or Barre Fitness!

So hang on to your britches kids! Anything I write is based on my own experience and learnings, so, I hope you gain something from reading anything in this little category of my blog– maybe an appreciation for dance and fitness or just a chuckle every now and then at me navigating work and my passions– but take away (or don’t!) whatever you wish! Happy connecting!