Who Am I?

Dancer. Teacher. Pure Barre Instructor. Small Business Manager. Southern girl, gone Westerner, gone Midwesterner, finally done gone back down to her roots. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. …. I’m Faith. Just your normal 31-year-old navigating life.

The knitty gritty? Basically I grew up as a small-ish town southern girl that went to Catholic school. As the daughter of a dance studio owner, I spent the majority of my young life inside the studio studying and dreaming of being the next Alessandra Ferri, even though the odds of that happening were slim due to the fact that I was born with patella alta and hip dysplasia.

Upon graduating high school, my potential had very luckily been seen, and I moved, all by myself to the big city of Denver, and joined the Colorado Ballet. After four seasons in the company I suffered a labral tear in my right hip and underwent surgery to repair it. From this surgery and throughout the next year of trying to come back to dancing, I found myself in desperate need of a change for my health and healing. I left my professional dancing career.

I moved to Chicago, started working for Pure Barre full-time, and went back to college. Throughout that time in my life, I spent a lot of time delving into psychology, business management, and instruction, and after three years working full-time, living the big city life, and getting my degree, I decided to move back home to Georgia.

I now co-direct and run the ballet school that my mother started, am teaching Pure Barre, dance when I can, and am navigating the world of teaching dance and inspiring the next generation of students to be talented dancers and empathetic, kind, and wonderful humans.

This blog is not limited to only dance though! As a small business manager, wife, teacher, aunt, and puppy mom, I’m excited to share how I navigate life, and hope you find something that speaks to you too!