At the Bar: Start Today

For Christmas I did that whole send-your-brother-a-link-to-what-you-really-want thing and I sent him the website to the quickly selling out Hollis’ Company’s Start Today Journal. And lucky me! He and my sister in law got a copy for me!

The premise of this journal is that you do a little grunt work in the beginning– brainstorming how you want your life to look in ten years, what’s important to you, what you want to accomplish– no doubts included. And once you do that brainstorming, you identify 10 dreams you want to accomplish in the next 10 years. But instead of writing them as wants, you write them down as if you have already succeeded or accomplished these dreams. Once you’ve seen this understanding of yourself, you start the every day journal process.

Every day you write down 5 things you are thankful for, those ten dreams as if you have accomplished them, and the one goal you are going to start with that day. That goal, whether it big or small, is going to help you realize your dreams ten years from now.

Now, I have always said that I could never have a five year plan, let alone 10 year. And before you roll your eyes, what I mean is that I couldn’t have predicted my moves to Denver, Chicago, or back home. I could have never planned to meet my boyfriend when I did, and I never wanted to set unrealistic expectations that would leave me feeling like a failure.

BUT the dreams that I found myself writing, were about the bigger things. Being a phenomenal teacher, being a good friend and partner, and the number one thing I write down every day is “I am my own woman crush through self love, care, and appreciation.” I write it this way because it can be so easy for me to compare myself to others. To let myself think I’m not as pretty, or as thing, or I don’t eat all organic, or I’m too extra, or too this or as that or whatever, and instead of letting it stifle who I am, I write that I am my own woman crush to acknowledge that the other woman around me are really a bigger source of inspiration rather than comparison. And I write it first to remind myself that I to take care of myself before I can take care of my other relationships.

And that starts today. That starts now. With acknowledgement of what I want for my life. What I choose to focus on.

So on this Sunday morning, as my own woman crush through self love and care, and choosing that to be my focus today, I find myself a little more in tune with what I’m grateful for. And in practice with my journal, here are the five things I’m grateful for this morning, specifically:

  1. A day to not do anything too quickly.
  2. A newly organized Do Not Disturb list so I can better manage my “on” and “off” hours. No offense to any of my clients/students/parents/friends/co-workers! I’m here for you– just creating boundaries for me to better manage my crazy schedule!
  3. This blog and the space to write. And thanks to everyone’s kind words about it thus far! It’s very much appreciated!
  4. For one of my closest friends– it’s her birthday today and our friendship means so much to me!
  5. Events coming down the pipes! Some are fun, some are life changing, some are for our community, some are big and exciting. Stay tuned!

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