At the Bar: Big Brother

Today is my big brother’s 35th birthday and thus, of course I have to take a moment to express how grateful I am to have him in my life.

To be frank, there have been times lately that I find on my list of goals is to be a better sister. We live an hour and a half from each other and with our difference in schedules, we don’t get to chat on the phone as much as we used to and with our busy schedules we just don’t get to visit as often as I’d like. That’s just life and is what it is!

Now that he’s a dad a lot of the time when we go visit instead of saying hi to him, I find myself reaching right for my niece and nephew and getting those baby and toddler snuggles. We all joke about it, how the babies are the favorites and how all of our attention is on them now, but I hope he knows how much I appreciate him and how much of a gift it is to watch him be such a wonderful dad. Even as the younger sibling, I’m so proud of the man he is.

So just a few of many things I appreciate about my brother:

  1. What a truly kind hearted person he is.
  2. How much he does and strives to consistently do the right thing.
  3. How protective he is of me (though I do appreciate the my niece has relieved some of that protection!). 😉
  4. That he gave me an AWESOME Sister In Law!
  5. He is a loving husband.
  6. He is a special father.
  7. I appreciate that even as adults we can sit on the couch and play MarioKart together like we did when we were kids.
  8. I appreciate that he has always been there for me. That through breakups, moves, life changes, frustrations, and celebrations he has been there wanting the best for me.
  9. I am proud of how happy he is in his job. He works hard and it is so good to see him with a company that supports who he is a businessman, smartypants, and family man as well.
  10. His drive. This guy worked full time while completing his 2nd, YES YOU READ IT, 2nd masters program! This guy is a champ.

So on his 35th Birthday, I wish him nothing but happiness and love. And I know all of us, your family and friends especially, are so grateful for your presence on this earth! Thanks for being in our corner! Love you Brother!

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