At the Bar: Amp up that ‘Tude

What is it about the winter months that make you feel a little dreary, a little trapped, and a little down? Has it been the cold? All the rain we’ve been getting? How busy you are? Jumping from the Holidays right into a new year with very little actual down-time? Getting your energy and motivation up is tough even though there is nothing particularly difficult about what’s happening in the day to day. Then, you get one beautiful weekend day to hang out outside and you feel refreshed, excited about all of the upcoming events on your schedule and ready to go again!

But that being said, we have to stay inspired and motivated regardless, so here are a couple ways I kept myself pumped up throughout the winter:

  1. Stretching. A mid-day, 5 minute stretch sesh can make me go from feeling sleepy to reinvigorated in no time. Get the joints going, body feeling good, and we’re set!
  2. Making New Playlists. I’m a Spotify junkie. I am constantly making new playlists or adding to old ones or researching moods and playing a corresponding playlist. The “wake up happy” playlist is great for having on when starting my work day. Turn it on, sit at my desk, and get the day going with a good jam.
  3. Committing to HelloFresh. Whether it’s HelloFresh or even just knowing what we’re doing for dinner, it makes a big difference in my mental state knowing that we’ll have a good meal together to wind down after a full day. Plus it helps me let go of the work day and be more present in my relationship (though I’m still working on compartmentalizing better! He’s much better at it than me and I admire him for it!).
  4. Planning social time. It’s very easy for me to overload my schedule and next thing I know I haven’t had any time with friends for weeks. Having these friendships and perspectives is a gift I can’t put a price on and need that social time. Extrovert over here. Need that outside energy from other people! (Sidenote: I so appreciate having friends that don’t ever guilt trip me or make me feel bad for not seeing them for awhile. Life is what it is and we do the best we can and I appreciate them knowing I’m trying!)
  5. Organizing my apartment. So I Marie-Kondoed my entire apartment over the holidays. Throwing away junk, shredding paper, refolding every piece of fabric I have in my apartment, even organizing the photos on my fridge…. and it felt so good to know that I had touched every item I own, and took stock of whether or not I needed it or not. Plus, to put all of the bobby pins in one place was a level of organized that made me feel like I could take on the world. Being so organized made me feel energized and ready to be productive in my space.
  6. Make my relationship a priority. The holidays were tough. There were things going on every day, events that I attended, and events that I couldn’t. But one thing I’m proud of, was that in the first Holiday season of our relationship, I was able to manage my schedule and make time for us. Sure some days it wasn’t as long as I wanted, or I had to run from this to that, but we got things on the schedule that were meant for us. Meant for us to grow and connect further. And I’m grateful for it.
  7. Family time. Having dinner with my parents, visiting the babies, or even just stopping by for a quick minute to say hi…. my family’s humor, love, familiarity naturally inspires me. They make me feel strong and capable. And that’s big.
  8. Coffee. Gimme it. All. Day. Long.
  9. Dance Parties. Whether it’s playing in the studio, working out, going to Pure Barre, or turning on Ariana Grande and jamming out at home for 10 minutes, DANCE YO.

I’m constantly trying to evaluate where I get my energy from. What feeds it, what pushes it, and what keeps me going. Sometimes it’s the big things, sometimes it’s the little, but I gotta keep feeding the beast! ❤

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