At the Bar: Body Love

One of my friends is donating a kidney to her brother and mentioned on social media that today she was tacking stock of all the amazing things her body can do before her surgery.

Follow that with me going to get a massage today to relieve some of my back and hip pain that I’ve been experiencing lately, and while getting worked on and resisting the urge to jump off the table because my muscles hurt so bad, I had the thought, she really is right, our bodies really are truly amazing.

I’ve been a couple month period where I haven’t been working out as much, I probably haven’t gained that much weight in reality, but compared to the anxiety weight loss I experienced last year and being very thin and working out nonstop to deal with my anxiety, my body definitely feels different now than it did a year ago. My jobs are active so I’m still moving, but I’m not taking as much time to work out right now as I did a few months ago. My days have been busy investing time into work and rest when I can and thus, my focus is in a different place– because HELLO. real life.

But still, my jobs being physical, my hips and back have been telling me I need to take more time to not only practice self care mentally and emotionally, but physically as well. That is finding a balance of combining working out and moving, resting, AND maintaining. I’ve learned these lessons many a time in my life but it’s amazing how our body really does speak to us, IF we choose to listen. So today, at this moment, in feeling ache-y, a couple pounds different than a year ago, maybe slightly less toned, and a little bit older, I remember that RIGHT NOW my body is amazing because:

  1. Even with being born with hip dysplasia and patella alta, I have spent my life dancing and moving my body. I have even made a career of it. MULTIPLE careers!
  2. I wake up in the morning and can hug the people around me. That’s so beautiful.
  3. I used to never be able to do a push up. Now I can regular push ups, girl push ups, tricep pushups, barre combo pushups. That’s pretty cool that your body can grow to do something.
  4. I can touch my toes.
  5. Somebody turns on music and my body naturally starts moving to it. It’s instinct and that’s pretty snazzy.
  6. I can stand up and move around the kitchen to cook with my boyfriend to have a shared experience together.
  7. I have injured my hip, fixed my hip through surgery, and recovered from that surgery. What happened to my body through pain, surgery and the recovery process taught me patience and understanding.
  8. I’ve gone through phases in my life where I’ve gained and lost weight in relation to the events that have happened around me. My body has actually been adjusting with me all the way through life and it’s amazing how there truly is a mind/body connection.
  9. My ears hear laughter and music. My eyes see dance and people and smiles.
  10. My body houses me. It transports me from place to place, experience to experience, connection to connection.

My body is amazing right NOW.

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