At the Bar: Fur Baby!

Hi friends! It’s been a minute since I posted, but last week was a little crazy. I sprained my hand/wrist and couldn’t type…. AND we got a puppy! Me and Mr. Man are officially puppy parents!

So let me introduce to you, Maddie Mae! She’s now a ten week old Mini Aussie and we are in love! Feel free to follow her on Instagram, because naturally, I would make an Insta for my dog.

My feelings/thoughts/questions on fur babies thus far:

  1. They try to eat everything.
  2. As a parent, try to learn which sniffs and walks are actually just exploring and which are potty walks. I still don’t know the difference and I am taking babygirl out 25x a day.
  3. Anybody that ever has a dog crying while you are gone or while you are trying to sleep, I pray for you and I see you. It’s terrifying. You know they have to go through it, but UGH how it hurts my heart.
  4. They can go from sleeping angels to running tornadoes in .5 seconds.
  5. Seeing your dog learn their name and respond to it, is so rewarding.
  6. ?: Is puppy parenting like regular parenting? You figure it out as you go?
  7. I’m praying every day for our baby to get better with separation anxiety. Trying to get better about letting her learning her crate so she doesn’t freak when we’re gone. She likes sleeping in it, but doesn’t like being left alone in it. If anyone has helpful tips, I’d sure appreciate it!
  8. There is nothing better than puppy loves and snuggles in the morning. I sure don’t get out the door as quickly as I used to.
  9. How about the kisses you get when you arrive back home? SWEETEST.
  10. We got a dog, and oh how it makes me love my boyfriend even more. He’s such a good person and doing something this big together with him has been so special. We’re a team and this step just makes me so grateful to have him in my life.

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