At the Bar: I’m Gonna Need a Menu

So let me preface this ENTIRE blog post with the commonly used-by-Rachel-Hollis phrase, “THIS IS NOT AN AD.” Fer realz. It’s not an ad, it’s just reflecting on a service that Mr. Man and I have been frequenting lately that I believe, has made my life SO much easier…and probably saved me from copping a few ‘tudes.

So back story. Mr. Man and I have been dating five months, and we spend most of our evenings with each other. T-minus 22 days into our relationship the question “Whatcha wanna do for dinner tonight?” was the every day occurrence. Between his place and mine, we could never quite plan what to cook or buy beforehand and while I like some spontaneity, I’m a busy person and making time to hit the store every day or plan what to pick up after work or decide who was going to get what was just a lot.

So, inspired by our friends who frequent in these meal delivery services, we are now about a month into trying this new fad. In honor of complete transparency, we have been shopping around with these different services. One, we’ve been shopping around so that we can opt in for these cheaper first-order discount prices and two, we want to see which companies seem to have the best value and which we simply like the best. We have now tried Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Sunbasket, and Home Chef.

Now they are all somewhat similar in service. You can set your preferences meal-wise: vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, vegan, etc. You can set how often you want meals delivered and for how many people, and you can pick from multiple recipes which ones you want to receive that week, even see the length of time it takes to cook each recipe, if that’s something that makes a difference to you (as a dance teacher that gets home late, it makes a big difference for me!).

This is where things get cute– it’s like a built in date night for me and Mr. Man. I get home from the studio and we cook together. Or like last week, when I got home reaaaaaally late from dress rehearsal, he had made everything himself and had it ready for me when I walked in the door (with glass of wine poured! He says it’s cuz he got hungry but regardless, I think he’s the sweetest). It’s easy and quick and the prep isn’t too involved. Put a little salt on the dish and pepper in some kisses here and there (I know. I know. Gross. Sorry Not Sorry.) and life is good.

Shrimp Pad Thai. Spicy Beef Gnocchi. Deconstructed Pork Egg Rolls in a Bowl. Baked French Onion Penne. And tonight— (heads up babe!)- it’s the Jalapeno Popper Burgers. We is eatin’ GOOD.

So basically– I don’t know what it’s like for families. If it’s worth it for you in your budget or if it’s possible. Heck, we doing these cheaper, first-box discounts because it makes sense now. But I do know that it has made my life easier and it’s been fun to spend time in the kitchen together. Plus it makes perfect portion sizes and it makes me feel like I’m eating snazzy, mostly healthy recipes without much fuss or planning on either of our parts! But…. consensus ….we love it!

If you have specific questions about any of these companies, feel free to ask! Or if you have recommendations on companies you’ve experienced and I haven’t tried, PLEASE! Gimme your recommendations! Show me their menu! This dance teacher/fitness instructor is just trying to keep herself from getting hangry! and you don’t want to see me when I’m hangry!

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