At the Bar: Gooey on the Inside

Something special happened the other night. If you’ve been keeping up with me, our ballet studio put on a production this weekend. Sunday night, after attending the show and helping us load out of the theatre, my sweet boyfriend turned to me and so assuredly said, “I know I already told you this, but I’m proud of you.”

Now I have not had what would be considered the best dating history, there have been a lot of frogs and I had gotten to the point when he and I met, I wasn’t even sure if I was really excited about dating again. But at that point I had done my digging. I knew who I was, what worked for me, what didn’t, what I wanted and what I could give in a relationship, and of course isn’t that the way? That’s when you find the person. Plus…right before our first date he made a sarcastic joke about butterflies and I knew our dork-y humor would get along well. Oh….and our first kiss made me all giggly so…. there’s that too….. (TMI? Maybe!).

So when he turned to me on Sunday and said he was proud of me…. the tears welled up. They welled up because I am so grateful that this man sees me. Has seen and accepted me for who I am. At my best and at my worst. Aaaaand he allows me to be on this journey every day to be more and to be more self-aware. He allows me to be the girl I found when I was single. That strong, capable, always searching human. But even more than allows, he encourages those things about me. And when I asked him what I did to deserve him, he said “You waited.” And doesn’t that make you all gooey inside?

I waited. For the good one. For the guy that had me teach him how to do pirouettes in the middle of the kitchen when I had had a bad day, just so I’d smile and laugh. For the guy that from the first month of dating I described as “an anchor,” so calm and level-headed. For the guy that keeps his boyish pranks and fun-nature, but is truly a man. Oh how grateful I am that I waited. Oh how grateful I am for his pride. And OH how very grateful I am that to hear him say he was proud of me… made me proud of myself.

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