At the Bar: Managing the Mondays

I started this Monday morning teaching a packed Pure Barre Class bright and early at 6am. Now, over the last five years, I’ve become accustomed to the ROCKSTARS that make up these early morning classes but I have NEVER become accustomed to the early wake up time.

Now, I love these classes. These women get up, from all walks of life, and make their fitness goals and their “me time” a priority. I personally don’t have the willpower to workout that early. People say “you couldn’t pay me to get up at 4:30am” and well…. I do get paid for it and thus I get up and do it. BUT, these people do NOT get paid for it, they simply do it because it is the only time they can get their workout in and that is epic, so they deserve a teacher that will show up and get their day going on the right foot.

But I’m not going to lie, I’ve been nervous about this week since we got the schedule. Normally I teach these classes once, MAYBE twice a week, but this week it’s a whopping three times. I teach at the ballet studio every night until 8pm, most times don’t get home until 8:40p and by the time Mr. Man and I cook dinner and start to wind down, it’s almost 10pm. Then to set my alarm for 4:30a or 5:00a for an early morning class….it’s tough. It takes me days to recharge after. So to do it 3 days in a week… gave me the Sunday Scaries.

I know. I know. What you just read is me whining. And you would think after 5 years I’d be used to it and not think twice about it, but that’s my point in writing this today, is that it IS time I shut up and just simply be excited about the fact that I get to wake up in the morning and watch these women choose themselves. To see the real point in it versus the couple hours of sleep less I get. I get to see them choose themselves multiple times this week! And to be frank? To the group of women that showed up this morning? You guys gave me SO much energy today.

So why? Why dread these early mornings weeks in advance? Why create the extra energy stressing about how I’m not going to be as well rested as I like? What a bad mindset that puts me in. Its not beneficial. So, it’s my goal this week to reshape my perspective.

Here are a few ways that I’m managing this Monday and this week on a little less sleep:

  • {Stop Rushing and Be Grateful} Take 1 minute every hour to drop the task oriented mindset and embrace what is happening in the room right then and there.
  • {Caffeinate} Stock up on coffee. I say this from a caffeine addict stand point….If I’m not buzzing, I’m not doing it right.
  • {Offset the coffee consumption} Drink more water.
  • {Love Text} Take 30 seconds and send a sweet text, bitmoji, love note, or gif to your sweetheart this Valentine’s week.
  • {Galentine} Tell your girlfriend or guyfriend you appreciate them. Strong, empowered, compassionate women for the win!
  • {Stretch} Do four head circles to the right and then left. Stand up and touch your toes for 20 seconds. Even that is something. Your body needs and wants to move!
  • {FluffLove} Got a pet? Know a pet? Give them a few snugs. It’s good for your soul.
  • {Noms} Eat a good meal. For some people it’s breakfast. For me, when the days are really long, I need a good lunch. It’s a reset for the day and gives me a boost until I can make it to dinner!
  • {Count Your Blessings} Every. last. one. of. them.
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