At the Bar: Perspective

I am so sorry to say that the world has been a little dark this week, but also in such a strange way, and hopefully one that doesn’t seem insensitive, bright too.

Death is such an interesting teacher. When someone dies, you can often ask why? It seems so impossible. Such a nightmare. You wake up from your sleep and it just can’t be real. But then there’s the lesson that stops asking questions. The side that makes you look at the people that around you. To not just realize what’s gone, but to see what’s still here. And it’s not that you just look, you really and truly see. You look people in the eye. You tell them you love them. You laugh off the trivial things. You hug people, and not just wrap your arms around them, you embrace them. And this week, I find myself embracing other’s presence even more than usual.

So thus, I wanted to take a minute and write a letter to my reality. A reminder to myself when the days become mundane, routine, and safe ……..

Dear Reality,

You are mine. I make you. Every day. Whether sunshine or cloudy, full of people, or all alone, the world that you live in is full of things. Full of events, experiences. Meetings, tasks, things to get done, the things that I wish I didn’t have to do….. guess what? You get to do them. And you get to discover with someone in the process, whether that be yourself or someone else.

Be kind. Be clear. Be honest. Be open. See people. See them. What they are going through. Tell them what they need to hear. Tell yourself what you need to hear. Maybe not what you or they want, but what you or they need. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. They are experiences, and be grateful for them. Because it means you are alive and present. That you are able to go out and connect. That you are able to spread love and learn from the world.

And spread that love. Smile. Laugh. Belly Laugh. Chuckle. Goofy, stupid, big obnoxious laughs. Because that moment, that second, will never come back to you. And there is a reason that it’s not your time yet. There is a reason you are on this earth right now. So find what it is. And look back on every second in your life and be happy that you were there and present for it. Intentional about it. Because it’s led you to right now. And your now is a gift and a chance to make this world better.

Hug the people around you. Tell them they are loved. That they are important. That what they do matters. Because we all matter. We all touch each others’ lives. And we all make a difference. One person’s negativity can affect someone else’s day, and someone’s light can change their whole world.

Be a light. Flicker. Ignite. Be warm. And burn bright.

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