30, Flirty, and Thriving

Alright y’all. It’s the last day of my 20’s and while there is still so much I have not a clue about, I have learned a few things in what feels like many lives thus far. Here’s what I got for ya:

  • In my world, there is no such thing as too many cups of coffee. Argue with me all you want (…but I suppose maybe do drink water when you start getting the shakes).
  • Libraries are cool. The books smell good & you can read for free.
  • It takes 0% more effort and costs $0.00 to smile at someone that smiles at you. Plus it feels good. So do it.
  • Start a hobby or discipline that requires time and dedication to see progress. In a world of instant gratification, there is nothing like investing time and energy into yourself and allowing yourself to see growth.
  • Allow yourself to enjoy the down moments. Quit saying “I should do this.” Know when you’re being lazy and know when you’re taking the rest you need. Those two things are very different.
  • Some days are just gonna be low or sucky. These days have to do with your feelings not facts. Be kind to yourself, know the feeling will pass or morph and change, and quit beating yourself up about it.
  • If someone tries to tell you who you are or that what you believe or feel is wrong, walk away. There’s a way to discuss when things are unhealthy or you are doing something that could be detrimental, but gaslighting is NOT okay.
  • The world is not out to get us. We choose how we respond to situations. Some days might be bad, but if you walk around on the defensive, you are only hurting yourself.
  • Find yourself a favorite pair of sweatpants. Also, find a favorite hoodie.
  • Listen to what others are saying. Listen when people are trying to pick fights. Most times it has absolutely nothing to do with you. Offer them some love but also know when it’s time to stand up for who you are. And you can stand up for yourself in a kind, straightforward way without being ugly or defensive.
  • People will come and go, don’t harden yourself because of it. Be a light, stay true to who you are and offer others a chance to become better. Our world needs that.
  • Vulnerability and openness has to do with how you feel about yourself, if others take advantage of that– that’s on them.
  • As much as there are things in life you know you would do differently, you can’t. Learn the lesson, quit beating yourself up, and move on.
  • Family is everything. Truly everything. When you can be, be there for all the things.
  • When you can be the same person with your partner that you are with your family, that’s when you know you have found the one.
  • Laugh. Laugh about all the things.
  • Fill your life with people of all ages. It gives you better perspective.
  • Keep searching for the best nachos. ….. I have a few favorites but I’ve also never met a nacho I didn’t like….so…. I’ll keep searching.
  • Marie-Kondo your laundry. That s*** is bomb.com
  • Find yourself first. Make the mistakes you need to make. Take the lessons you need to learn. Get to a point where you know what things you can accept and what you can’t. It sounds simple, but getting to that point can be a difficult journey. You know when you’ve found you. And once you do, remind yourself regularly.
  • Treasure your friends. I’m not a great texter. I’m often not great at staying in touch or initiating plans…. it’s something I want to work on, but know who your true friends are and be there for them. Friendships do change as you become an adult– don’t aim to be a collector of people or someone that looks for friends to serve a purpose(you know those that just want to be able to say “WELL I KNOW HER” …. insert eye roll here), but be friends because you love each other for you are and you will honest about what’s best for each other.
  • Get yourself some good blankets. Couch time with a good blanket is the best.
  • Do not chase anyone. Do not fight for anyone. Do not try to convince anyone to be with you. If you’re playing that game, they or that situation are not meant for you. That’s relationship-wise, business-wise, friendship-wise. The only person you should chase or fight for or convince is yourself and/or your dreams. People will be on board with authenticity. I say this as a people pleaser and lifetime enthusiast of seeing the best in people and thinking that I must be the wrong one….. it’s important you see your own purpose and value.
  • If you can, get a dog.
  • Love big. Without fear. Things will not always go right, but you will never or should never regret putting something good out there.
  • Know your intentions. Recognize where your actions come from.
  • Take the risks. Take the jumps. You will only become a better version of yourself.
  • Find a good pajama onesie. Just saying.

So cheers to 30. I’m slightly sad about leaving my 20s, but then I think about where I’ve arrived in even the last year…. how can I not open my arms up and accept every beautiful, wonderful, hard, big, small, short, and long moment headed my way? Grateful for my breath, my body, my heart, the people in my life, and every lesson I continue to try and implement and every lesson I have yet to learn. Here’s to being better every day. Cheers!

Did I mention it’s also good to find a wine that you keep stocked?

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