The Best Month Ever

The last time I blogged was a little over a month ago and I was turning 30. I was entering a new chapter, but boy, was. I. ever! The following week, and a month ago today, the love of my life asked me to marry him.

He mentioned to me a few days ago that he was surprised I hadn’t blogged about it yet, but it’s like I told him then, I don’t quite know how to gather all of my thoughts about it yet.

Honestly, I still don’t, but what I do know is that this month has been a flood of the most beautiful, and wonderful, and overwhelming of emotions.

Mr. Man proposed in front of both of our families and being family people, it could not have been more perfect. To know that both of our families love and support us in bringing our families together and in making our own little family is such an incredible blessing. Not to mention that my niece already calls him “Uncle” and that is just enough to make my heart melt into goo.

In this first month of engagement we’ve picked a date and a venue, a coordinator, and I’ve found a dress, but the best parts of all of this have been the quiet moments of spending time together and simply relishing in that he has chosen me and I have chosen him and that we get to build a life together and we’re ready to take it all on together.

After the many years of dating and hoping for love, it truly was the moment I found love for myself that this sweet man walked into my life. And I never could’ve prepared for how full this feeling is. Our love is kind and sweet. He treats me well, my family well, my friends well. I’m with a man that helps me stay true to myself, but that also makes me want to be the most wonderful wife, partner, and person. And that’s it, isn’t it? The Goal? To find your teammate?

I am so grateful that he got down on one knee. That he looked up at me with those sweet eyes and told me I was his best friend and that he wanted a future with me. I am grateful that he starts cooking dinner at night (and most times finishes it) when I get home late from teaching. I am grateful that takes our dog for runs and buys her treats whenever we go to Homegoods. I am grateful that he cooks eggs like a master. I am grateful that he lets me show him picture after picture of my niece and nephew and laughs at them along with me. I am grateful that he lets me listen to Taylor Swift on car rides. I am grateful that he watches The Bachelor with me. I am grateful that he lets me blabber on and on. I am grateful that his hugs make me feel safe and protected. I am grateful that he is excited about giving me his last name. I am grateful that he visits my family with me. I am grateful that he includes me in his family. I am grateful that he has made me his fiance’. I am grateful for evenings on the couch doing nothing and even saying nothing. I am grateful for his presence. I am grateful for us.


Cheers to 2020 y’all! I’m getting wifed up!

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