Okay y’all.

Okay ya’ll. It’s officially hit that point. I can’t stop crying. Maybe it’s because the last month has been so full– seeing friends, having friends visit from out of town, celebrating with family, getting quite a bit of wedding planning done very early on, just so busy with normal life stuff, and now it’s hit…. It’s a Saturday night, Mr. Man has fallen asleep on the couch, one of my dear friends has agreed to be our photographer, and ya’ll? I’m on the couch, bawling (in the best way I swear).

In the last few weeks I’ve had friends offer to host wedding showers and bridal showers and offer advice on what florists they found, dear family friends have agreed to catering, and one told me what Groupon offers they found to help me out in my planning little details, and to be frank? This girl that doesn’t like to often accept help or ask for help or ask anyone to go out of their way to do something for me… Y’all. I’m straight. up. overwhelmed.

How lucky am I to have such people in my life?!

My heart doesn’t know what to say. I just don’t know how to adequately express… I find myself constantly wanting to post every gift we’ve gotten, or how much I love my ring over and over, or just how lucky we are to have the most amazing families….but I just don’t think I can ever do it justice…. how I got here… and how much it all means to me…

Life is hard, right? We fight hard to know what we’re supposed to do. What jobs we’re supposed to have. What dreams we are supposed to chase. How we are supposed to react in situations. How we are supposed to influence others. Who we are supposed to be with. How we hope to influence this world…. but honestly? At this point, I know we all deserve this kind of happiness, I know we all deserve to find love, but wow. I never thought it could be this big. I don’t know how to react to the kindness others’ have shown me. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this kindness, but for Mr. Man’s sake, I know he deserves the world and thus I will not question it because I must be doing something right to have him.

I don’t know what to say. I know that when I let myself feel it all, it is about me and him. It is about this relationship we have built– the happiness, the joy, the communication, the honesty we continue to build upon every day. How I love coming home to him. But it’s also about our families and our friendships. How our lives have been shaped and influenced by the people we love and that love us the most. And I honestly don’t know how I’ll ever express how deeply I appreciate every little experience, emotion, and person that has been planted into my life. I’ve never been a subtle person. I’ve never been unemotional, but I am at a point where I understand my emotions more than ever, and I will say that at THIS point? These are feelings I will never take for granted.

Forever humbled and grateful.

And I know I’ll probably only become more sentimental about it as the year goes on.

Also…. Mom and Dad and Brother and SIL….Y’all are just the BEST. I can’t even believe all that you all have done and continue to do for me. It’s absurd….but also the most amazing thing in the world.

Mr. Man. I like your face. And your heart. And your family is pretty damn great too.

Again. Humbled and grateful.

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